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    February 12, 2009



    I just want you to keep writing -- you crack me up! More Parker and Jackson, more Bosco, whatever......and whenever you get a chance. I have you on Google Reader, so I'll always be notified.

    (but personally I vote for more "mommy blogging" if you want to call it that. It isn't boring! Well, in reality it might be, but it is fun to read when you write it!)


    Oh Watson, pleeeeease don't gooooooo. I miss reading your posts. I would love to hear more about the family too. Totally NOT boring! You're an excellent writer, and I look up to your blogging abilities.


    This gate has changed my life. I, too, am pathetically short. And the lady bits grazing...yet. But this gate! Oh! So nice! You need it! Get it! Gates...stay around for a long time, and this one ROCKS. And you can get extensions. Yes, yes, you need it.

    As for quitting blogging, don't. Just go all full-force mommy-blogger on our asses. We're not afraid! Really!!

    Because HAHA! I loooove the account of feeding! It sounds SO SCARILY similar to my feeding. And all the other crazy sounds familiar, too, actually. Ahhh, yes, double baby, one mommy. Fun times, fun times.

    So...let's shouldn't stop blogging, crazy children are normal (or else mine are also weird), those babies are ADORable, look me up on FB. Because if you're going to THREATEN NOT BLOGGING, you have to AT LEAST GIVE US (uhm, me) THAT!



    please please please dont diapear (was that a freudian slip) I meant no no no no nonoononono is my response.

    sounds like your evenings are pretty much like my, except my two arent big enough to slam antique heirloom doors, but the sheer volume of shrieking can on the other hand shatter aquariums all up and down our street.

    life is pretty good here..Ive emerged from the initial three month fog of death and sleep deprivation. Theyre giggling and smiling and Im having nervous breakdowns less often, which is probably the way forward.

    DONT GO!!!!!!! at least email lookimyu at yahoo dot com before you do. dont dont dont forget!

    oh god babies crying must go i am a shit mother blogging while they sit int he living romm getting bored, byeeeee!


    I'm not very good at blogging anymore either, but I've left my blogs up for when the mood strikes. Bloggers "reading list" makes it a lot easier to keep up with infrequent posters like me - you just get a notification! (Hell, it's how I knew you posted an update!) As long i'm on someone's reader, they'll know when I get around to making a post.

    I started my blogs as an outlet, and a way to document things. Not sure of your reasons, but they're your own. We'll all be here, if you want to write when you can. :)


    There IS an in between place you can go to - where there isn't PRESSURE to blog, but we're all here if you WANT to blog. It's called googlereader.

    But see now if you NEED to, you know, simplify, and the blog is just too much pressure? Then well, I get it. Gotta do what keeps your sanity.

    I'll tell ya though. I'm gonna miss you something fierce if you DO go.



    I look forward to your posts, infrequent though they may be. Sorry about Bebop being laid off - that sucks.


    Watson, don't go!!!!!!! I do know how you feel, though. I've started a new blog, hoping it would jumpstart my brain. ( So far, At least you were able to give us a nice snapshot of your day! Speaking of which...yikes. Is this what I have to look forward to? I thought our dinner time was a little crazy now! Oh boy.

    What a bummer about BeBop. Not to be a Pollyanna, but maybe he'll be able to find something closer to home? That commute seemed so crazy. Sorry - that was very glass half full of me, I'm not usually such a tool. I know this has got to be sucking right now. Plus it's not like you can leave him home w/ the babies, what with his penchant for running out to get takeout! ;) Sorry BeBop...couldn't resist.

    So, a) Yay! about Facebook. It's fun, and I have a feeling your status updates will be priceless. And b) Once our winter is over, let's meet up somewhere and parade the runts around. Preferably somewhere that serves alcohol.

    Seriously, though? Don't go.


    Ok, THANK YOU...because I don't have to write my blog now...see YOU WROTE IT..the one where I wimp out and pull out my white flag and go F*u*k It, I just can't/won't/can't even think about doing this anymore. I swear I laughed and laughed because I think our twins were seperated by birth and 3000 miles, I swear people if ANYONE is interested in what goes on in my house after 5:30 pm, just cast your eyes upward at this blog, because there it is!!!! ALthough our gates are the kind you can walk thorugh and not climb over (Jesus on a pogo stick Watson...why????) so mine stand at the "gate" and shake it, making it sound like the people at the French Revolution calling for the heads of people..other than that, I HEAR YA!!!!!
    oh and Facebook...yeah, I think I'm already over it, unless you'll be my friend and then maybe I'll stay. :)

    kiddos are beautiful, if you stop, don't stop sending me updated pics. :) OK? But I don't want you to go, who oh who will blog for me???? HMMM?????

    HUGS and love and I'll be there with the wine as soon as I can get there.


    see now if you had just posted that "parenting toddler twins is super hard" maybe you'd feel like you could post more often? in fact you could probably just copy and paste every few weeks with a new picture?

    well of course then we'd still miss you terribly but it would be better than no more watson at all!

    best wishes to bebop on the job search, i hope it's short and ends well.

    My Reality

    You can't QUIT. That is sooooo final. And forever. And I would miss you. And I don't want to see you go.

    Maybe you could semi-retire. That way, you leave the door open to pop by here, spew a few thoughts, take extended vacations, check in when and if you want.

    I am sorry BeBop will be out of a job; I remember when he got the job.


    Sorry to hear about be-bops job. I hope you keep writing when you can because it's fun to read.


    Awww, don't quit. You wrote much of how I feel about blogging these days. Infertility and pregnancy: tons to say. Mommyblogging: not so much.

    I'll stick around and read whatever you post, whenever that is. And though I don't know your real name, I'd love to see what your status updates are on Facebook. I bet they're hilarious.


    I so could have written this. I haven't updated since like August, and I used to be good for at least a post a week. But yeah, parenting twins toddlers is super-hard, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking too it. Don't go. And good luck with Be-Bop's job search. Hopefully it will be quick and relatively painless.


    Seriously you just can't go...I don't care if you only update every 3 months. I only have 6 weeks left til my twins are here and what will I do if I don't have your blog to make me laugh at what's coming! How will I know my boy/girl twins are normal too for screaming at the top of their lungs when put into their highchairs. By the way...You may have felt you were writing about nothing but I cracked up at your dog comments. I could totally picture it...poor thing! Your blog ALWAYS makes me matter what you write about!


    i'll join the chorus of "please don't stop!" - i use google reader too, and am always excited to see a post from you. there's NO JUDGMENT when you don't post.

    just change your perspective about blogging - do it when you need to vent and process, not when you think we need to hear from you. you might need this to deal with the additional stress of bebop's job loss. good luck, and hope to hear from you soon.


    Just wanted to say: I heart you. Always have, always will. So withdraw if you want or embrace the fact that you have two near toddlers and you're going to need some venting space with women who know just how badly you need a good, solid 5-minute cry sometimes.


    I have actually become a Facebook addict - it is good for learning what ever happened to a friend from 9th grade without having to bother with an awkward lunch together.

    I'll read anything you post, but I certainly understand the difficulties blogging once life gets going.


    why must you post every week? or month? just post when you feel like it. like they say, we have google reaader.
    i miss you. you have my real name--look me up on facebook.

    Karen @ Chez Perky

    Okay, look, I know it took me an effing MONTH to see this frickin' post. Because, like you, I don't have any frickin' time left in my life. I know! Full time job, multiples (good heavens, hello? people with ONE baby drop off the planet... you've got two toddlers, I've got three, how are WE supposed to stay on the planet?).

    But you simply cannot quit. Take a break. Don't blog for long periods of time. Disappear for a while. Go drink yourself into oblivion with that bottle of merlot. But quitting? That's so frickin' final and DAMMIT I'D MISS YOU. It would be ONE thing if you were twittering, but you're NOT, dammit, and that's unacceptable.

    And now I'm back to this IVF hell (WTF? I know, I've frickin' lost my mind and you're not even here to help me through it!) and you're just going to abandon me?!? (I hope you realize I'm joking, right? You get that, right? And if you don't, you totally get that it's the Lupron talking, right? RIGHT?)

    So, seriously? Don't go! And if you must? At least friend me on Facebook! Email me and I'll give you the right details to find me!


    singing my rendition of "Baby, Please Don't Go" by Van Morrison....begging, pleading, don't stop blogging.......


    are you still there?




    bugger bugger bugger you went and gone, didnt you? I miss you!!!


    I miss you too. And I too am the world's biggest crank when it comes to Facebook. My husband says that I should just quit or cut it OUT, since whenever I get on it, it's a non-stop stream of complaints. So maybe you should invite me to be your cyberfriend (in this case, totally appropriate, since we've never met, but oh do I resent FaceWorld announcing, as if it were the next greatest piece of pie, that "Aina and so-and-so are now friends" when we've been friends for the past TEN YEARS DON'T get me STARTED. Anyway, I miss you too. You are so funny. I love people who make me laugh.


    I shall read whatever you find the time to post. I heart you and your wacky world.

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