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    December 22, 2008



    Wow, well congrats for all that stuff. I hear ya on that getting old crap. I feel it. A lot.


    No, no, Parker, that hat IS fierce. And the lumberjack look? So IN, so very IN.

    I'm glad you got rid of your clomping boot.

    Sounds like Thanksgiving was nice, laryngitis notwithstanding! :)

    Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


    Awesome all around.

    "Crank that mother up to jack rabbit"--I'm still laughing.


    Happy Birthday to you. And to the babies. And happy thanksgiving. And Christmas. And all that. You always crack me up--thank you for posting; no matter how infrequently, I will always be coming back.

    Happy 2009!


    Why do I feel like a complete Jackass? Maybe because I always thought it was deaf as a door nail - because nails are deaf, right?

    Happy Birthday to you all!! Merry Christmas! Happy 2009!


    I thought (still think, actually) that it was dead as a door nail, too. Hmmmm....what's a knell?


    Thanks for the update!

    I, for one, think the photos are all adorable!


    Yes I do miss your posts but you make up for it with fabulous posts like this. I was completely in stitches by the time you got to the peacock part. What a wonderful way to end the year. Best to your family.


    Most importantly was the scooter from the scooter store? Did you know if you have the other brand from hoverround you can go to the grand canyon? Did you run into the Brightlings?

    (If none of the above makes any sense to you, you obviously have a life and don't sit around watching tv.)


    You are too, too funny! And perfectly funny. And that crack about the El Cheapo cupcakes had me laughing it up to the max! Welcome back! What a weekend! Maybe you could convince someone to celebrate their special day at some other time of the year. I think you should start with a campaign to move Thanksgiving, since it wouldn't really be fair to ask you or the twins to change your birthdays. And speaking of birthdays, I didn't know you were a 40-year-old mom of twins! I had mine when I was 41, and now they're 7, and it's all fantastic. So if you have any questions about what it's like down the line, just ask. (No, I've never been mistaken for their grandmother! Actually, having little kids in my early 40's has made me feel and appear a lot younger than I really am!)


    You know you may not blog much, but when you do...GIRLFRIEND, I always spit liquid all over my keyboard(and before you go getting all dirty on me , it was Water this time) LOL

    the babies are absolutely gorgeous (love the CP jammies...makes me think of PaJ*am*a Tim*e by S Boyt***on. I *Heart* that book) and you all look adorable.

    I am glad you have survived all THAT, and for goodness sake, post again soon, I could use the laughter!!!

    miss you, happy 2009!!!!!!


    OMG they are just too freaking cute!!!!!!! the cuddly twins picture is the cutest thing ever!


    Oh, My...I lurked you for awhile, then I lost you, then I found you again just now and read this post and laughed so hard. And your babies are so beautiful. I'll not be losing you again soon. Happy new year!


    Happy belated Birthday/Anniversary/Baby Birthday/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year/Non-eaten Zoo Experience!

    Glad you're back - I needed some Watson humour :)

    And the babes, of course, are gorgeous as ever!


    Man, I wish I knew you in person because you must be one of the funniest people alive. I was cracking up while reading your entire post and by the time I got to the peacock I just lost it. Congratulations on your twins' first birthday, your 41st, and making it through the holidays. Please blog more often, your posts make my day! :)

    Lady In Waiting

    Ok, I am STILL laughing from that post. Boy, did you literally pull my mood out from the crappy place it was in today!!!! :-) Seriously, I just read your last few posts because I had fallen shamefully behind and have I told you lately how FUCKING AWESOME of a person you are? Seriously. I love your post about Sara Palin and about Prop 8 and the election. You are MY idol. So happy birthday. And keep up all the good that you do in this world! (And I hope it is ok that I want to steal some of that blessing that you quoted. I SO hope that Colin develops a social consciousness. I took him with me to vote and whispered in his ear while we watched Obama's acceptance speech. The first movie I took him to see was "Milk" and we watched the inauguration together. I hope that one day he will understand what a wonderful way those experiences were to start a life in this country and on this earth.

    The twins are absolutely gorgeous and I simply never get tired of looking at their pics!!!


    Julie Smith

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