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    November 18, 2008



    Good gawd, you're hilarious. Your posts always have me in hysterics. Oh the mental images!

    I hope your Iron Man boot gets to come off for good soon.

    Take care!


    O.M.G. Watson. I love you so freaking much. You had me HOOTING in laughter. Literally hooting.

    I mean, at your expense and everything. But you're so damn funny.

    I'm sorry about the clomping. When do you get das boot off?

    And I'd totally hit a diner with you. Except it has to be a Jersey diner. Cause really, you haven't lived, until you've been to a Jersey diner. Particularly one that's right off the Turnpike. :)


    lol!!! Hahahahahahaha!!

    Oh the clomping. I know that I shouldn't have smiled and yet...yet it's so FUNNY!

    My BIL is a gay man. I'm not sure why marriage, or some form of it, can't be given to homosexuals. His relationship with his partner doens't cheapen mine. At all! Come on people! And I'm a conservative (har, maybe not!) Christian! :)


    Oh Christ. Just when I have the worst day, I head over here and SCREAM in laughter as I read your words.
    As I type this there are tears rolling down my face, snot dangerously close to dripping out of my nose, and of course, the murderous shrieking laughter.
    If you ever write a book, I want an advanced copy. Hook a sister up :)


    you so funny. yeah prop 8 sucks. the whole thing was a conservative ploy to get the reps out to vote. and its going to make a lot of people's lives harder.

    taking care of the twins in that thing has got to suck!i hope you get tot get it off soon!

    very funeee post.


    Sorry about the clomping. When do you get to go boot-free?


    Love this post. Hate prop 8. I can't believe I live in a state that passed such hateful crap. Gotta overturn that shit. Seriously, when the time comes I'm totally in for a protest. I'll help you hobble around. I'm seroius. You, me, our little children and hundreds of angry gays and gay allies. And anyone who cares about civil rights. Civil right I tell ya! Anyone who is not up in arms at the passage of prop 8 needs to look at their values.

    L can't believe you still have the boot. It's been a long time.


    Why don't you live next door to me? I promise we would have a fun time with our twins. So just move to Boston already. And we can take turns wiping each others' babies' mouths. For god's sake, you'd think I was rubbing sandpaper on my kids or something. Last week, I gave up. But don't do that. Because picking off crusted sweet potatoes and unknown goo gobs from their hair/eyebrows/neck folds the day after was not a pretty site. My babies like to dance. I am wondering if your boot might supply a fun "drum beat" sort of thing? Just an idea. Power to the people.


    Let's 86 the friggin' iron man boots, for clomp's sake! I want to see the traveling carnival juggling act. Prop 8? All I gotta say is what the hell happened? That's not the California I know.


    having spent lots of time in the weeds i can affirm that you no doubt are. being in the weeds is when you have too many tables and you can't get to them quickly and things are spiraling out of control as you desperately try to maintain some semblance of reasonable service to your tables but the harder you try the worse it gets and eventually you are destined to fail at least in some small way and the trick is to learn what the acceptable little failures can be and skate by on your charming personality. come to think of it, waiting tables in my 20's was sort of the pre-y2k version of parenting in my 30's. now if i'd ever tried to tackle two waitressing jobs in two different restaurants on the same shifts at once running back and forth across the street between my tables and getting in the weeds at both jobs at once, maybe i'd be prepared for twins??

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