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    October 24, 2008



    Ugh. Word to everything you said. I look at my little Sarah (now unfortunately named!!) and hope that this freakshow is a blip on the history radar screen by the time she's old enough to get it.

    Waiting Amy

    All I can say is ... yes, yes, yes.

    Oh, and Ugh.


    I'm as Republican as they come (well, maybe not QUITE) but there are things about SP that bother me.

    However, I think that if a woman WANTS to hunt, they can, and that DOES make strides for women as much as not hunting...and I mean that in a more-than-hunting kind of way.

    I am glad that people stand up for what they believe in...kudos to all who do...but...I'm not sure SP isn't a teeny weeny bit nutty nutcakes.

    Esp the "Pray away the gay" bit. Yow. Offensive much???

    There are worries, for me, with all candidates. Honestly.


    The Dem in me sort of once considered voting Reppie because they have a woman on the ticket. The feminist in me shut down the Dem right quick. I, oh so very much, want a woman in the White House, but more importantly I want an intelligent woman in the White House. I want her there because she was the best person for the job - regardless of her pink bits.

    It strikes me as a bit unfeminist to vote for a woman JUST because she is a woman. Shouldn't I take the time to learn about the candidate and how she will govern before I cast my ballot for her? Just like I would do for any male candidate? Isn't not treating her as I would a male candidate condescending?

    The fact that you've thought enough about the situation to write a very eloquent letter means you are the perfect role model for your daughter.


    Are you listening, Parker? Because those were wise words from your mommy.

    I have the same problem about looking for remnants of snack food in these days of the campaigns, but I am sadly barred from Chardonnay. I think that would help. It would really, really help.




    Watson...I know you have a connection or two (I don't or I would do this myself) but you NEED to send what you wrote to any publication you choose (or rather 50) and get this post read by the masses. You cover this from the view of a mom, a woman, and an intelligent human. If I can figure out how, I am going to link to this so all 5 of my blog followers can read what you said.




    Well said!


    well said.


    Amen. Know what I was for a Halloween party this weekend? Good old SP- you betcha!


    gender equality will be a reality when we have a woman in office because she was the best candidate, not just because she's a (book banning gun toting joe six pack) woman.


    Oh Watson. We feel so very, very much the same way. Only you are much better at expressing it. And way fucking funnier, too.


    Great post!

    And ditto Sarah saying this "gender equality will be a reality when we have a woman in office because she was the best candidate, not just because she's a (book banning gun toting joe six pack) woman."


    I agree wholeheartedly. That was a beautiful letter to your beautiful daughter at this very historic but very confusing time in our country.
    SP is just not good for history or this time here in the US.
    I say AMEN to all the things you imparted to Parker, and hope that after Tuesday, things look very different.


    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I could not have said better. AMEM!!!! thanks for writing this, You are brillant!


    Well, all I have to say is I wish I could accomplish all of the things that Gov. Palin can accomplish in a day. As far as being a roll model, I think that we as mothers are the ultimate roll model, no matter who is in the limelight at the moment. You are doing great. Congrats on a successful blessing ceremony- it sounded beautiful!

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