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    June 06, 2007


    chrissy s

    Firstly--how does one get into a prescreening of a movie--are you a very important person??

    Secondly, I think the beard is rather attractive but a little bit untamed. Possibly a nice facial mousse would help.

    Thirdly, Please promise all of us that your mother isn't on the short list of babysitters for any of her grandchildren. CRACKING a newborn...I can honestly say I have never heard that one before! YIKES!


    See--you are beautiful. Even with a hairy, hairy beard. And check out that rack! Pregnancy becomes you.

    My Reality

    Watson, you are STUNNING. Pregnancy looks so good on you!

    Now post a real picture. :)


    So glad the NT scan went well, and that you didn't starve to death waiting for dinner--I couldn't wait until 9:30 and I'm not even pregnant.
    The beard becomes you, by the way!


    OK - first things first - be there and grab the baby and run with it before grandma has a chance to get any "cracking" done. Maybe you should use Dr. Google in your prepared defense?? Just my assvice..

    Second - THAT was funny... I was expecting a real pic, and I got a good belly laugh out of that. Thanks!!

    Third - you should be the happiest person in the world if you get round... YOU ARE PREGNANT! Don't you dare start wishing away those pounds!


    I KNEW IT. i knew you had a beard IRL. And, between you and I, i think serenity is a PIRATE.


    omg....tears...streaming...can't...stop....LAUGHING....that picture! is the funniest thing I've ever seen....oh my LORD!





    Can't comment... Dying laughing...

    Somebody please save that baby from the cracking. Yikes!


    I'm insanely jealous - I can only manage a straggly goatee....


    So glad all's going well and yeah, nice pic.


    WOW! You mentioned you had facial hair, but I had no idea...

    Good luck to your sister, and as others have said, protect the poor little one!


    congratulations and best wishes to your sister! and you need to fill us in on what the babes were up to during the NT scan, did they bounce around and do cartwheels as i have read?


    ... and now I know why I can never read your posts at work... DYING here in laughter... crying... OMG that picture is TOO MUCH.

    I'm gonna use that as my screen saver.

    Ms. Planner

    Tee hee hee! Too freakin' funny. Lovely frock. Lovelier beard.

    Glad to hear the NT scan went smoothly, pitiful-looks-glanced-your-way aside.

    Cheers, Ms. Planner


    sweet louise! absolutely gorgeous!
    glad to hear that you didn't starve, have told listeria to eff off, and that things are going well....


    Please, what person, not to mention someone eating for multiple persons, could reasonably be expected to survive on emergency cracker rations and 2 mentos? You made the right choice and I'm sure Bebop is happy to still have possession of his arm.


    HA HA HA!! You soooo got me with that one! I scrolled down, I'm still seriously laughing.


    You are too funny! I never read your posts without LOL! I actually come here more for the humor than anything! Thanks for providing comic relief in our corner of the IF world:)

    Ms. C

    WOW- you're HOT.


    That pic makes me want to go tweeze and wax my face. Just to be sure.


    Next time, could you post a picture of your beard, braided? I think it would be a nice touch.

    Lady In Waiting

    I shouldn't have been as caught off-guard as I was and I laughed my ass off. I even forced my (male) coworker to fall for it and he did. Hilarious, as always!!

    Really glad to hear that you are feeling good about the scan. And there is NO way those little crackers would have saved me, pregnant or not.


    Try this on your facial hair, I hear it's good.

    Baby cracking? Sounds like something you would find in a dark alley somewhere. Betcha there's going to be Google hits for it!

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