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    May 24, 2007



    12 weeks, hurray!!! congratulations!!!!!!!

    and yes i relate to almost all of those, except the pickle thing. i was beginning to wonder if that was just some kind of joke because i cannot even imagine eating a pickle these days.


    Woooo hooo the big 12 weeks! Still so very very happy for you. I am sorry for the fur and the zits--not a good combo. But it's worth it, isnt it=) I cant imagine every craving a pickle, but maybe...just maybe! What about the pickles AND ice cream?


    Holy moly mama. 12 weeks already (said by the one with no fur or admiration for pickles) -CONGRATS!


    I hear it all gets better after 12 weeks! Enjoy every minute of it!


    I had the zits, the constipation, the constant hunger too... and I can assure you, it does get better. I notice that you don't mention any morning sickness... so that's great!

    Yeah, not all of us can look like Faith at 16 weeks with twins... I can only wish. I've NEVER looked that good. My 7 week shot was nowhere close either, so you're not alone! Grow those babies, grow, grow, grow!!! Congrats on 12 weeks!


    yea! congrats on the 12 week milestone!

    waiting line

    12 weeks - awesome milestone!!

    My Reality

    The best number of them all is the 12 weeks! Huge congrats, Watson.


    Number of inches my belly is bigger than Faith's: about 32.

    And I'm 18 weeks with a singleton.
    Ugh, I feel huge.

    Everything starts to feel better after 12 weeks. Hang in there, and congrats!


    Too funny! Congrats on the 12 weeks, but major bummer about the prunes situation.


    Whoa. Twelve weeks already? Congrats!


    You are too funny - I love doing things by the numbers... Gonna just keep this post in mind for comparison in the when I'm PG. LOL It will help me know if I'm still sane if I have a comparison chart! LOL


    Happy 12 weeks!!

    "Number of times that remark, a thinly-veiled reference to our sex life over the last four-plus years, got on my last nerve and I felt like hitting him in the face with a claw hammer: 3 (because I kept reliving it in my mind!)"

    This just killed me. :D


    Congratulations... That was a lovely post. I am glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well


    Funny, funny girl!
    ...I'm right on your tail...11 weeks today.


    Yup. Faith's shots put me off posting any of myself, too. She and I are at the same point, too, and I saw her cute photos and thought: Nope. Not going to post mine. People may run screaming (see: tall freak. see also: yeti).

    So hey-I'll show you mine if you show my yours?

    (God I've always wanted to be able to say that)


    (Realize my comment wasn't clear. I was talking about swapping PHOTOS. I don't really need to see anything else that's like...YOU KNOW. We don't have the kind of relationship or anything.)


    Yay for 12 weeks!


    Congrats!! You're not alone with the zits or the fur, I promise.


    I think this one is my favourite:

    Number of times I've asked BeBop to buy prunes for me when he goes to the store: 7

    Number of times he's been brave enough to ask why: 0

    Lady In Waiting

    I am so excited that you are at the 12th week mark!

    Faith barely looks pregnant. That just cannot be right. Right??

    You are not alone in asking your pet if you are a good mommy. I have already done that countless times and I am not even pregnant!


    Hysterically funny! And wow - the magical 12 weeks. That's so exciting - in a hairy and zitty kind of way :)


    You are SO funny!

    I'm hairy and zitty too. And farty, even though I'm in desperate need of prunes. Go figure.

    Given my condition, the sex thing really isn't a concern, because nobody would want to have sex with me anyway.


    Thanks for the flax seed tip in my blog comments! I can use all of the help that I can get.

    Leah Gabrielle

    Zits here too. Thank G-d, the hair-fairy has left me alone...

    I found that a cup of coffee every morning helped the system clean out.

    And i just wish there was someplace that my DH would let me order Chinese from!

    I'm sooooo tired these days.
    Congrats on 12 weeks!

    Leah (35 weeks w/ singleton)

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