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    March 20, 2007



    I am sure there will be frightened women who find these very helpful.

    It is strange to actually see and hear you!

    I love the "don't sue me" disclaimer.


    Very cool. I liked your husband's commentary, mostly "yes hun." Very cute. I pictured you with brown hair, don't know why.


    Nice accent (me being british and all, it's quite a novelty)!.

    What a supportive husband you do have, lucky woman :) Good luck!


    Just clicked on these to see what you look like, but since I'm at work in the open-air office, no way I can unmute my volume. But you look great (and I'll listen to you tonight when I get home). Nice videos so far!


    How lovely are you! And Bebop has a lovely voice. Lovely people! Wow, just looking at the needles made me squeamish. I think it's great that you made the videos, because I learned so much watching it. You were also very matter of fact about the whole thing, which I think is very reassuring for newbies.


    Oh my gosh, that was wonderful. I'm not even going through IVF right now (we're still back on the Clomid phase) but I found it very educational and even entertaining. I laughed, I cried, two thumbs up for sure. Can't wait to see what kinds of comments you get from YouTube, who (other than IFers) will watch it, etc. Yay, Watson, that was just great!


    Oh please, please also put up the video of your sister's dog with the comb-over!
    I can't turn up my volume at work either, but I can't wait to get home and listen!

    Rachel Inbar

    You are just too cool. I'm so impressed :-)


    I see some product placement going on (ZipLoc) and noticed the mood setting via the candle.

    I'm all about the details, Baby.

    I'm so glad that you were doing an educational video on injections during IVF. A clomid cycle with timed sex? Eeek.

    My Reality

    Fabuluos job, Watson!

    I was a little disappointed though. You spoke, BeBop spoke, but what about Bosco? He didn't even get a barking role.


    You are one ballsy chick girl - you GO!

    I too loved the candle - mood lighting. And noted how you lay everything out on a towel - I never did that.

    (Maybe THAT'S what went wrong!!)

    Loved BeBop's commentary too...


    Good Job! I think that those videos will be very helpful for someone who, like you, gets home with a huge bag of meds and no idea where to start.
    I also pictured you with brown hair. Weird, huh?
    Fingers crossed that it works for you the first time.


    Freaking hilarious!! Where's Bosco? It's so weird actually seeing you and hearing your accent - too cute!


    Well done! I laughed, I cried, I nodded in agreement.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there! Good job!


    Just found your blog a few days ago, but have been enjoying it a LOT! After 5 IUIs with Bravelle and 2 IVFs with Bravelle and Lupron, new clinic had me switch to Gonal-F for IVF#3.... I almost *missed* the "make your own syringe" aspect of Bravelle.... those "pens" take all the fun out of it!

    I thought your video was very fun, very educational, and would have been a HUGE help to me as a newbie, so I'm hoping it will help new newbies out there!



    WOW- I just finished IUI inject cycle #2 and DH and I watched your videos with hope we won't have to go there... Great job, thanks for your bravery.


    Oh, Watson, that was awesome. And I personally found it very entertaining.
    Tell your doctors to switch to the Foll.istim pen... oh, so much easier!


    I know I've complained elsewhere about the pen, but I don't think I'll do so much complaining after watching you do all of that mixing! What a great video!


    I'm not sure if the video was meant to be funny..but I sure laughed a lot! Maybe b/c all of the shots are behind me now I can be amused instead of horrified. BTW- we could see your belly (just a little)- hubby lied (ut oh) and absolutley nothing to be ashamed of there :-) You'd think you were 300 pounds the way you carry're beautiful!

    I loved being able to see a face to connect w/ your name. It's great that you shared. I really do think many women will find the video extremely helpful.

    Also- wanted to say...WAY TO GO w/ 27 eggs and a 85% fertilization rate. You knocked my stats right right out of the water. You should be very proud. Your body responded extremely well! I'm praying you have many to choose from on Friday. I'll be sending you a private e-mail soon w/ my version of ET at Dr. Z's.... :-)



    Awesome! I think it's fantastic that you're showing how all this is done. We're still in clomid/trigger shot phase, and that little needle is already scary. The video is very reassuring that the shots aren't as bad as I am imagining them to be.


    you are AWESOME!


    I loved loved loved your video. How I wish I had someone to show me what the hell I was doing! My shots had to go in my butt and Big D kept sticking the needle in then freaking and pulling it back out BEFORE injecting the med..he needed your video!

    I am really psyched about your counts!

    PS~You are even cuter than you write :)


    That was truly one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen. I LOVE IT!! It is so nice to know that another real life person is doing the same mixing, the same shots, etc. So very cool! I love it!

    P.S. Your diamond ring is very pretty -- and I loved the moo joke. :)


    I loved that you did that! You are even hilarious on tape. I loved hearing BeBop as well--the two of you are adorable. I do have a request though--you must post more. Good luck on Saturday!!!!


    I'm still laughing!

    I love, love, love these videos. I have heard things about ice/heating pads when doing shots...what is your take on that?

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